Stening gennemført i Frankrig

October 7, 2006

Efter der er rapporter fra italiensk politi om, at flere kvinder fra muslimske gettoer er blevet indlagt på italienske sygehuse med svære kvæstelser efter muslimske steninger, dukker nu det første tilfælde af stening op i Frankrig.
Stening er anbefalet af profeten Muhammed, en straf han selv praktiserede overfor kvinder.

France: Schoolgirl Stoned In Playground For Not Observing Ramadan

Skolepige stenet på fransk legeplads, fordi hun ikke overholdt Ramadanen.

With a hat-tip to reader Peter C, a truly horrific sign of the times comes from Lyon in the south of France, where a schoolgirl was stoned by Muslim students on Wednesday (October 4), for not following Ramadan. France-Echos reports on the incident, which is described in today's edition of Le Progres a paper serving the Lyon, Villeurbanne and Caluire-et-Cuire region.

This is a translation of the France-Echos report:

A schoolgirl was stoned on Wednesday in playground

For non-observance of Ramadan

According to information given by Michèle Vianès, from the Regards de Femmes organization:

The information that I gave Thursday from our cafe Regards de Femmes is in Le Progres today.

A schoolgirl of Jean Mermoz college in Lyon's eighth arrondissement (postal district) was pelted with stones on Wednesday morning in the playground because she ate a snack. The argument that the incident stemmed from the non-observance of Ramadan is confirmed by the Lyon prosecutor's office, based on initial results from its investigation.

Azzedine Gaci, president of the CRCM (Regional Council for the Muslim Religion) , states that "if the facts are proven, they are unacceptable". He deplores the ignorance of the pupils, who should be taught the Koran at school, and who are unaware that "women who are not feeling well" * are exempted from observing Ramadan.

Without other commentaries for today, I will keep you updated

Michèle Vianès

The front cover of Le Progres (here, in pdf, but not yet on its online site) states:

Ramadan fast: A college girl attacked

The attack happened in a recreation moment in the playground of Jean-Mermoz (Lyon 8th). Pupils of the third grade threw stones at an adolescent. The principal of the college said it was a simple incident, not premeditated. But for its side, the Prosecutor's Office of Lyon confirmed in the first stages of an inquiry that this this act could have been linked to the victim not observing the ramadan fast. The incident has provoked strong emotion in the education community.

The story continues on page 7 of the printed edition, which I do not have access to at present. Hopefully on Monday, today's edition will be online and I will update this story.

* Means literally "indisposed", or "out of sorts", and probably is a euphemism for her "time of the month".

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