Definition af Jihad
skrevet af Al Azhar Universitetet, "The 4.conference of the Academy of isl. Reseach"
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The Academy of Islamic Research” fastlagte på Al-Azhar universitetet ( Al-Azhar er normgivende i Sunniislam , dvs. 90% af muslimerne) følgende definition på jihad under overskriften:

Chapter I
The definition of jihad:
The word “jihad”means exerting all efforts. It means also struggling hard till you feel exhausted:
To strive against the enemy is to fight him.
Jihad - from the view - point of religion means exerting all efforts in repelling the enemies and in fighting them.
Jihad is an Islamic word which other nations use in the meaning “War”.(182)

The Cause for which Jihad is Legislated.
I. It is unlawful to give up Jihad and adopt peace and weekness instead of it, unless the purpose of giving up Jihad is for preparation, whenever there is something weak among Muslims, and their opponents are, on the other hand, strong.
If Jihad is not carried out by any party of the nation, all the nation will become sinful.

II. War is the basis of the relationship between Muslims and their opponents unless there are justifiable reasons for peace such as adopting Islam or making an agreement with them to keep peaceful. (1984)
The muslims are also free to break their covenant with the enemies if they are uneasy lest the enemies should betray them” (239). ( Al Azhar universitetet“The fourth Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research” Rajab 1388 (1972)).

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